God defended, God forbidden
No, it is not true that God is a subjective question depending (at best) on each individual’s own choosing. God is a matter of reason and of science.
This is what you are being denied to know about and what this website seeks to reveal to you:
through the demonstration of the historicity of the Gospels written by eye witnesses or by those who directly questioned them, an ever increasing number of other archaeological, linguistic, historical pieces of evidence moreover confirming this fact.
Through the completely binding deadlock in which those who deny the very existence of an unworldly intelligence underlying biology, astronomy, physics, chemistry…
and even mathematics that could not exist without Him find themselves. Even non-mathematicians understand the demonstration of this assertion.
The fact that this God is precisely the Jews’ and especially the Christians’ God is also confirmed by the fact that leaders of today are those who have been during the longest time in contact with His word.
The question remains however to know why these truths are not better known. The video about freemasonry will help to understand it.
God defended, God supported and even rescued
Parce que le Dieu de la Bible et spécialement Celui des Chrétiens est actuellement davantage persécuté que ceux de toutes les autres religions
et avec une quantité d’argent, d’efforts, de mensonge et de haine atteignant aujourd’hui des sommets.
Because the God of the Bible and especially the God of the Christians is currently more persecuted than those of all the other religions with means of money, efforts, lies and hatred reaching peaks these days,
Par les vidéos en préparation sur la gnose, le modernisme, les sociétés secrètes nous voudrions vous aider à comprendre ces arcanes cachés et surtout, surtout, par ce site, vous Le faire aimer, Lui.
through the videos currently being prepared about gnosis, modernism, secret societies we wish to help you understand these hidden mysteries and above all through this website, bring you to loving Him.

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